jackpott 04-Nov-19 06:43 PM
This month i will be hosting a small 1v1 tournament! More information will follow soon - at the moment i can only reveal that the prize will be a 20€ steam gift card and the contest itself will take place on friday, 29th of november.
👌 3
✌ 3
🤑 1
jackpott 09-Nov-19 09:47 PM
please visit my website for registration and information about the tournament: https://jackpottgaming.com/index.php/current-tournament/
KingBrock 09-Nov-19 09:50 PM
A shit cant play on this day
Sylexo 09-Nov-19 10:26 PM
we do not have a date yet for the tournament, do we ? 😮
jackpott 09-Nov-19 10:30 PM
we have we have!! friday 29th november
Sylexo 09-Nov-19 10:30 PM
oh i will add this to the homepage xD
👍 3
jackpott 19-Nov-19 01:47 PM
@everyone only 10 days left, dont forget to register yourself for the tournament!
monkaSS 1
😬 1
🍆 1
PlantRub 1
🇳 1
🇴 1
💸 1
jackpott 22-Nov-19 08:55 PM
@everyone since alot of you told me that they aren't able to participate on friday, I want to find a new date. The tournament will be held between thursday 28.11. and wednesday 04.12. - please use the emotes to vote for days where you can participate. (edited)
thursday 4
friday 3
saturday 3
sunday 2
monday 5
tuesday 3
wednesday 3
unicorn 7
jackpott 27-Nov-19 06:15 PM
@everyone Thanks for voting, Tournament will take place on Tuesday, 3rd december. Starting time will be at 7pm in the evening. If you want to participate, make sure to register yourself: https://jackpottgaming.com/index.php/register-tournament/ - Registration will be only open till Sunday, 1st december, 23:59 CET.
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jackpott 02-Dec-19 10:16 PM
Hello, matchups and timetable for the tournament tomorrow are drawn by now: https://jackpottgaming.com/index.php/current-tournament/ please be on my stream at 18:50 CET, so we can start with the games at 19.00 CET. Since we just have 6 matchups but need 8 competitors for the second round, everyone who loses their first match will have a chance to succeed to the second round by placing first or second in a 6-competitor-deatchmatch, in which all losers if the first round can participate. this 6-deathmatch will take place between 20:30 and 21:00 CET. Times are estimated, I hope that there won't be any delay.
KingBrock 02-Dec-19 10:20 PM
Alright my guess is that Yellow wins with ez
Maybe Inactive Maybe Not 02-Dec-19 10:22 PM
what rank is yellow?
jackpott 02-Dec-19 10:26 PM
you can bet on the matchups with loyalty points on stream, so be sure to tune in ! 🙂
KingBrock 02-Dec-19 10:30 PM
Idk but i like that name
Actually gold looks yellow, if this answers your question
jackpott 02-Dec-19 11:18 PM
if i'm not mistaken, he belongs to another "goldish" color 😉
jackpott 03-Dec-19 11:41 AM
@everyone one spot is open again, AfroFerkel isn't able to participate. If anybody wants to join the tournament, please message me!
JohnnyMoeter 03-Dec-19 02:27 PM
I want someone to destroy in my 1st round! Bring me another!
jackpott 03-Dec-19 02:27 PM
i think @Lobsty is interrested 😄
JohnnyMoeter 03-Dec-19 02:27 PM
good. good.
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 02:28 PM
bet today be a day when i play like trash lol
JohnnyMoeter 03-Dec-19 02:35 PM
thats my life...^^
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 06:04 PM
Gl everyone who is participating in the tournament And Yellow you better win
👍 1
🥇 1
😝 1
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:21 PM
need to like warm up lol
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 06:21 PM
hi 😄
am i late? 😄
was watching cartoons with my kid
jackpott 03-Dec-19 06:22 PM
nope^^ i will start stream in 30min, matches will begin at 7pm!
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 06:22 PM
in 38 minutes?
jackpott 03-Dec-19 06:22 PM
seems like you got a fan here in kingbrock
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 06:23 PM
What did i do to deserve this honor @KingBrock ?
Also thanks for the dm @jackpott i had totally forgot even tho its in my calendar ;D
jackpott 03-Dec-19 06:24 PM
sure 🙂 glad you have the time to play, looking forward to the matches ^_^
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:27 PM
i cant wait to miss 90% of my shots (edited)
jackpott 03-Dec-19 06:29 PM
i cant wait to miss 90% of the action and talk bullshit all the time while commentating the games
😆 2
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 06:30 PM
shiit none of my heroes in the lineup 😄
Manny 03-Dec-19 06:32 PM
Where the hero Line up
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:32 PM
ones i cant play
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:38 PM
my aim is...like bronze atm.....
Manny 03-Dec-19 06:42 PM
Ah there's tabs i see
Whos the highest ranked player here 😂
jackpott 03-Dec-19 06:51 PM
@Yell0w @Maybe Inactive Maybe Not you have the first match at 7pm
@JohnnyMoeter @Lobsty your match should start around 7:15pm
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:52 PM
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 06:53 PM
7pm thats in 7 minutes yes?
jackpott 03-Dec-19 06:53 PM
is that ok for you?
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 06:54 PM
yes 🙂
just had to make sure because of timezones
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:54 PM
better go toilet before all of this lol
JohnnyMoeter 03-Dec-19 06:56 PM
Lobsty 03-Dec-19 06:57 PM
anyone down to go in a discord channel
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 07:10 PM
@Yell0w its because of your name
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 08:33 PM
2019-12-03 20:32 like what the heck is this display???
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 08:33 PM
looks like zoomed in chrome browser 😄
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 08:35 PM
This is on my mobile and in the fucking app
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 08:35 PM
but its probably because the app runs a webview controller
so its actually a webpage inside an app
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 08:36 PM
Maybe but anyway I got still high expectations on you today
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 08:36 PM
the pressue
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 08:36 PM
Yeah its real
Yell0w 03-Dec-19 08:37 PM
whats your bnet tag brock?
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 08:42 PM
ZenWick#2906 and KingBrock#2868
jackpott 03-Dec-19 09:05 PM
@Lobsty @Yell0w @Unknown @DilEmma @M_Yasser in 15-20min starts the 6-competitor-deathmatch to determine the last 2 spots for the second round
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 09:06 PM
Do it yellow!!
Manny 03-Dec-19 09:10 PM
Yellows biggest fan 😜
KingBrock 03-Dec-19 09:14 PM
U jealous?
Manny 03-Dec-19 09:16 PM
no, it's all you 😉
jackpott 04-Dec-19 01:01 PM
Thanks everybody for participating! I hope you all enjoyed it and had fun, both in watching the tournament but also in playing it. We saw some sneaky plays, clean headshots and insane sleepdarts. I want to point out that despite the delay in the timetable, everybody was ready for their matches. That makes stuff so much easier, thanks to everybody for keeping an eye on the schedule and showing up on time! Final standings and prizes: 1. Muppet - 20€ Steam Gift Card 🥇 2. KaiiixD - 500 jetons 🥈 3./4. Johnnymoeter & Lobsty - 250 jetons 5.-8. Yell0w, Bit, Mannysanny, kallasHampe - 125 jetons 9.-12. Dilemma, Lotteqt, Yasser, Megumin - 50 jetons The video of the tournament is on my twitch channel, so you can rewatch it anytime you want: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/516594376 I want to add that this is the first time I did a tournament like this and I already recognized some things that I could have done better. I'm happy for honest feedback, so please send me messages if you have something in mind! 🙂 (edited)
unicorn 4
KallasHampe 04-Dec-19 01:09 PM
Well played everyone! 👏 👏
DilEmma 04-Dec-19 01:09 PM
🥳 🥳 🥳
kaiii xD 04-Dec-19 02:32 PM
KingBrock 04-Dec-19 02:37 PM
Gj Yellow
😄 1
Maybe Inactive Maybe Not 04-Dec-19 02:53 PM
Gg wp everyone also @jackpott Thank you for the gift card was a fun tournament peepoLOVE