jackpott 03-Oct-19 11:36 AM
1. follow me on twitch.tv/jackpottgaming 2. post your favourite pogs here (maximum of 2) 3. voting for the winner will start on 1st november, live on stream 4. first place wins a standard funko pop overwatch figure of their choice note that i will only view your pog, if its uploaded to a video platform such as youtube voting will happen live on stream and together with my audience. most likely this will happen in a tournament mode, but since it depens on how many pogs participate it is not set in stone. (edited)
drio898 11-Oct-19 02:49 PM
Lol musste es mit handy aufnehmen xD weil meine ps4 ja kaputt war
Lobsty 13-Oct-19 02:03 AM
Lobsty 13-Oct-19 02:25 AM
KallasHampe 14-Oct-19 07:03 PM
Sylexo 19-Oct-19 03:44 PM
Afroferkel 25-Oct-19 12:05 AM
Kuchen Torte321 26-Oct-19 05:07 PM
please dont share this link anywhere else. thanks.
KallasHampe 27-Oct-19 12:34 AM
KallasHampe Junkrat potg 27/10 - 2019
😦 2
👌 1
KallasHampe 27-Oct-19 01:07 AM
why you make a frowny face 😶
jackpott 27-Oct-19 01:08 AM
i wanted the potg in that game
KallasHampe 27-Oct-19 01:09 AM
poor thing, you get the next one!
jackpott 27-Oct-19 01:39 AM
nope, you got the next one again 😦
KallasHampe 27-Oct-19 01:40 AM
am sorry 😶
jackpott 30-Oct-19 09:43 AM
@all only today and tomorrow left, get your pogs up here 😎 voting will happen on Friday around 8pm live on stream. Bring your friends to vote for your pog 😉
Afroferkel 30-Oct-19 12:06 PM
jackpott 01-Nov-19 02:20 PM
@all Voting will start today on stream at 10pm ! Sorry for the delay, but I won't be able to make it till 8pm and it will be very close till 9pm, so lets just make 10pm 😄 Hope everybody can join nonetheless.
💩 2
WeeWoo 1
widepeepoKEKW 1
Tilt 2
ohwow 2
ClapClap 2
Headnod 2
KannaKms 2
CatDance 2
Nice 2
Loading 2
DankMemesTriggerd 2
siren 2
gachiPls 2
Salty 2
angershake 2
monkaSS 2
hehe 2
FeelsSuicidal 2
Partyhard 2
jackpott 01-Nov-19 04:06 PM
😂 1
KingBrock 01-Nov-19 04:12 PM
Which time zone?
🇨 2
🇪 2
🇹 2
KingBrock 01-Nov-19 06:12 PM
🇳 3
🇵 3
KingBrock 01-Nov-19 09:34 PM
I think i cant vote today in stream However here are my choices from best to least( if u care about it) 1. My first 2. my second 3Afroferkel#6623 nuke 4. [A&F]Nerofin#5731 winston
5. Jackpott. Widow 6. nerofin slam 7.kallas junk 8. soubi hanzo 9. soubi reaper 10.lobsty doom 11. drio reaper 12.lobsty widow 13. kallas mccree 14. kuchen mccree 15. afroferkel ana 16. jackpott bastion
That should be all
jackpott 02-Nov-19 12:32 AM
Thank you all for participating! We found a worthy winner with Nerofins Flying Reinhardt Play of the Game 🙂 🏆
🏆 2
[A&F]Nerofin 03-Nov-19 01:05 PM
Thank you all ❤
🆒 2
Sylexo 20-Nov-19 09:13 PM
okay ^^
[A&F]Nerofin 21-Nov-19 12:25 PM
Mekka activated!
😎 2
👌 2
pomeW 1
Maybe Inactive Maybe Not 29-Nov-19 02:08 PM
My first montage and hopefully not my last! Hope you guys enjoy don''t forget to Like and Subscribe Big Shout out to Doragon for editing this video :) Twitte...
jackpott 02-Dec-19 01:37 AM
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
KingBrock 02-Dec-19 11:28 AM
Nice one
Sylexo 02-Dec-19 12:27 PM
Montage from our pogtober contest :) thanks to psychobeast for editing!
KingBrock 02-Dec-19 12:34 PM
Isnt that the same?
Sylexo 02-Dec-19 12:35 PM
yes, but with preview of the video
aureus 28-Dec-19 09:32 PM
jackpott 28-Dec-19 09:32 PM
hello, this is a very old channel, more or less just an archive
KingBrock 28-Dec-19 09:49 PM
How dare u are jack
jackpott 28-Dec-19 10:28 PM
Afroferkel 28-Dec-19 10:28 PM
Clap 1