jackpott 01-Dec-19 08:55 PM
Hello everybody... this month I will do a key giveaway for Warcraft III: Reforged. For more information, please check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_RIKP13c8g
quick update on my twitch channel: implementing the loyalty system and doing a warcraft 3: reforged key giveaway in december!
and here is the leaderboard for the loyalty points: https://streamelements.com/jackpottgaming/leaderboard
and here is the key giveaway page, where you can buy tickets to enter to giveaway: https://streamelements.com/jackpottgaming/giveaway/5de2a9639f15844d6a2a8440
jackpott 10-Dec-19 07:39 PM
@everyone the winner will be drawn on 22nd of december in the evening. Also I would like to invite everyone to play with me (and most likely kallashampe) on this day. Bring your friends with you, the more people we are, the better it will be! I would really like to play some custom 6v6 games with all of you 🙂 so keep the date in mind: sunday, 22nd of december viewergames 🎄 ❤️ 🎄
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KingBrock 15-Dec-19 10:29 AM
which time jack?
jackpott 17-Dec-19 11:14 PM
i think we start around 4pm with the viewergames, giveaway will take place afterwards 🙂
KingBrock 18-Dec-19 07:30 PM
jackpott 22-Dec-19 04:00 PM
@everyone Live now - if you wanna join the action, just msg me on stream or via discord 🙂
jackpott 22-Dec-19 06:39 PM
dinner break till 8pm! afterwards we play more 🙂
jackpott 22-Dec-19 07:56 PM
live again!!! 🙂 leeeetss goooo and play some moooore
jackpott 22-Dec-19 10:28 PM
aaaaaand the winner is @[A&F]Nerofin
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DilEmma 22-Dec-19 10:29 PM
Woeeew congratz @[A&F]Nerofin
[A&F]Nerofin 22-Dec-19 11:00 PM
Thank you! ♥😍♥😘🥳🥳🥳
Afroferkel 22-Dec-19 11:21 PM
Congratiolations @[A&F]Nerofin