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About me


My name is jack and i’m a gamer for almost 20 years now. in my early gaming years i invested a lot of my free time in counter strike 1.3 – 1.6, winning smaller lan tournaments and even competing against teams like team64amd. it was a great experience, but after our team fell apart and counter strike was dying anyway, other games soon took my interest.

Guild wars and warcraft 3 became my favourite games, though a lot less competitive than counter strike. with lesser gaming time in general, i just played dota for a while and later some league of legends.

After a longer break from gaming, i started again in early 2016 with counter strike: global offensive. friends introduced me to overwatch in late 2017 and in between i discovered my passion for building games such as cities: skylines or parkitect.

Years of gaming

and expierience..

Months of Streaming

and fun!

Hosted Tournaments

and counting!

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