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How can i participiate in the monthly contests?

Please fill out this form to register for our tournaments.
We will register you for the competition. To be a competete you need to be a viewer/follower of the Jackpottgaming Stream.

Is there a Age restriction?

Yes. You need to be atleast 18 years old for the tournaments. If you are under 18, you need the acceptance of your parents to take a place in our competitions. Please fill out the register form truthfully.

Do i have something to pay?

No. Our competitions are completely free. There is no fee to pay, but we appreciate a donation to get this going very much. 🙂

Where can i find the Terms of Service for the Tournaments?

You can read the TOS here.

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Please use this Contact form only for
- Business inquiries
- Webmaster stuff
- Ádvertising related inquiries

Every Tournament related and personal questions will be answered in the livestreams.

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