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Tournament Information

Register for tournaments as a viewer and follower of The Jackpott Gaming to compete with each other. In this Competitions you can win prices like gift cards and merch stuff from the games that Jackpott plays.

Terms of Service
-> Age 18+ or atleast with agreement from parents
-> Every contest is one of its own and you need to register every month new
-> We can not ensure that there is a tournament/contest every single month
-> The winner will be determined in a voting or by winning in tournaments.
-> The winner will be informed via livestream at
-> We ensure, that the winner takes the prize.
Registration for the Tournament of March 2020
    Twitch Username (required)
    Blizzard Battletag (required)
    Current Rating (SR)
    Valid Email-Adress
    Age (required)
    If under 18, i have the agreement from parents to participiate in this contest

    Please join our discord for informations to your enlisting (required) !

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